Just found out my son raped my daughter

Throwaway account: I got raped by my older sister when we were younger, she used force and I felt too ashamed to tell my parents.
She was older than me and definitely stronger, as I was only 5/6 years old. I'm not okay with what she did, but I guess children going
into puberty are like animals who are experimenting. I'm avoiding contact with her, but neither do I treat her unkindly or any less than
my sister because of it.

It may vary per case, but I personally rather have no one bringing it up.
It happened years ago, and I kind of accepted the theory that my sister was purely going into puberty and regrets it as well.

I've had girlfriends, and even though I do have sex, I'm still uncomfortable with sex to this day. It's a work in progress to truly
forget it, and someone in real life knowing about what happened to me wouldn't make me feel any better.

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