I just learned about MBTI earlier today, associated most with INTP, and it's all I thought about all day.

I edited. Drunk. My source actually says ENTJ or ESTJ

Well, it depends on what your criteria is for evidence.

I simply Googled "INTP and ESTJ". Almost every blog post, forum comment, etc. On the first page says that they get along fine in stable romantic relationships.

We don't always agree on everything. My lack of drive often gets on her nerves, but she uses that to push me to achieve things. She teaches me patience with constructs that i find frustratingly useless, but are part of life whether i like them or not. Sometimes I resent her for it, but I always know that it's for the best.

Another reason is that they get easily triggered and tend to be loud and angry.

In other words, they get driven and assertive, a quality that I think many INTPs would admire, when wielded by someone with good morals and rationality. Sometimes they may lack the latter, but that's where INTPs complementary traits come in.

For example, when I have discussion with my mom, my ESTJ sister tends to come from the other side of the home just to scream at us to shut-up, just to let us know that what we are doing is not important to her.

Your sister sounds like a child.

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