Is it just me but it’s so hot that when you come inside you just say ahh but when you leave the ac you just say aww crap and then you get a headache (the next part of the tea are just some random words by auto correct) was the day I got home from a night nigh

The next day is good morning I just want you know how much you want me bye I hope you’re ok I want you and you can help you get help me get help I have to do it haha is the day I get to go to play my Christmas Christmas and I have to go get to go help my brother out to get a good day and night bye and I’m going home and get home I can come get help me out please help please call you when you can please help please call you when you get a good night please please help me get my life please thanks please please come help please call you bye please please help me please help out help me please help me help my life I have to help my dick was your Christmas Christmas Day was a day to get a tyyyy is your Christmas Day was the night I got a good Christmas Day is that

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