Chipotle SUCKS

I mean a big issue is just turn over and being in a fast pace work environment. You’re going 100mph trying to learn on the fly bc your short staffed and everyone is new the system doesn’t really support you, mistakes will happen, and a lot of them, bc we can’t retain people, and new people will always be there to make those mistakes again and again. Not enough people stay long enough to become good really good, and those who do are overwhelmed. The benefits and pay just aren’t worth it to most people once they see how the job really is, and it’s not incredibly hard, it’s just incredibly fast. This isn’t a regular fast food job too, like most of our food takes 15 minutes plus to be cooked and prepared for service, even the stuff in bags can take time to make bc it’s still cooked (sous vide). What sucks is that the prices have gone up but our pay hasn’t, so it’s not like most people are gonna be motivated. None of this is your fault btw, and although I recognize those problems, as long as I stayed employed I try my best for that not to be the circumstance, but it’s hard bc corporate is focused on crunching numbers and forgot about the little guy, something they were really good at in their prime.

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