Just read a post about crappy careers and it was kind of depressing so on the flip side what great jobs do you Redditers have?

I think a job that is shitty fo r someone can be a great fit for someone else, and management and co-workers also make a huge difference.

I dispatched emergency services for 10 years and loved helping people in emergencies. Only left because I was having trouble compartmentalizing, and my therapist said I needed to get out before I had lasting effects.

Now I answer phones in a hospital (our switchboard actually answers for several hospitals.) We also do things like paging on call doctors, transferring outgoing calls for patients and doctors, and helping page for codes. I still feel like I'm helping people, it's just not as dire.

I never set out to do this. I tried other jobs after dispatching. This is just what I'm good at and what I love. When I worked other jobs I felt useless, like I was helping people with such trivial things. I'm happy to be back in this kind of work.

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