Just so you're aware, not even /r/TwoXChromosomes has any love for anti-gg antics.

We thought it was dumb, too.

At least you all have that going for you. But guess where they "ripped" those headlines from?

Bunch of complete idiots on your side pulling a Fox Noise, and saying "literally ISIS", "gonna git murdered!!11".

It's so much like Fox News a decade ago, and I'm just flabbergasted it's left-wingers doing it this time. I always thought they were less prone to emotional decision making than the Republican crybabies of yesteryear and today, but I guess I was sorely mistaken.

We're not calling for a ban on games. You gators are the ones who welcomed Jack Thompson into your movement with open arms.

FUCK that guy. I'm a bit older than the crowd here, and I remember that dipshit and what he did.

And stop painting a group of people with a broad brush (you seem to be good at it), there were lots here my age who also remember what Thompson did.

Pegged it right, didn't I. You really DO believe it was an attack on people who play video games, because you're dumb.

You just have so much class, going right for "dumb".

You're not really understanding something about people or the way they work, and I'll chalk it up you being young and ignorant of group-think and people's decision making en masse.

The articles themselves technically might not have been an attack on people who play video games, but the articles were designed to create an emotional pull on a largely young, stupid demographic, and it caused a bunch of people who actually took the message further than intended by some of the authors.

"Bring back bullying" "Gamers are worse than ISIS" (not certain gamers) etc..

You might be able to see nuance, but there are some very emotional people who projected that onto all gamers, and nothing you say about the original intent will change that fact.

It's literally the reason why we had that idiotic SVU episode.

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