Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't Sigmund Freud's views on sex make complete sense with the context he grew up in a Hasidic family?

The main thing was how the lecturer kept tying everything back to this idea that Freud viewed sex as this inescapable desire that constantly influenced human thought, which is very general at first thought, but it sounds rooted in Hasidic thinking to me. The example I used to explain it was the prohibition against Ultra Orthodox Jewish men hearing women sing, which basically exists because men are believed to be inherently driven by sex, and thus certain laws exist to prevent damage to the bond of husband and wife.

Even though his views aren't 100% clearly Hasidic, it all sounds like stuff you would expect someone to think if they grew up Hasidic and tried to reject it in adulthood. You can't erase your cultural background's influence on your perspective, so that seemed like a very clear connection that could be made to me.

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