Trump referred to Marines buried at cemetery in France in crude and derogatory terms, a former senior administration official says

Yeah the stereotypical fat, obnoxious, stupid, loud, tasteless, and classless American is true and prevalent.

We have too many dummies. Hopefully November 3rd goes well, Biden wins and the dems take back the Senate. But those people will still be here and they're reproducing like Idiocracy.

To fix that problem is going to require MASSIVE improvements to our education system in addition to somehow bridging the massive cultural divide in this nation.

Idk how we do that, especially when the MAGA cult is so proudly and aggressively ignorant. Their "culture" is anti higher education, it's anti science, it's anti learning, anti empathy, etc.

Fixing that problem requires programs and expenditures that will take a generation but America can only seem to operate in 4 year bursts, and even then we've got the GOP doing everything they can to prevent progress.

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