Teaching assistant formally accused me of plagiarism with no explanation

One thing at a time. Otherwise you are “But but but”-ing and will undermine yourself. Speculating on others’ behavior to other people does you no good.

First, get YOUR own narrative straight and get the plagiarism thing behind you. Until then, accommodations and antisemitism are distractions. They are not on the agenda for this meeting and you are in no position to advocate for yourself. You become the nightmare student who got a bad grade and cried discrimination. #cancelculture

Look at the TurnItIn report, review your own paper, go through each source and highlight exactly what you referenced. Then let them do all the talking – nothing they say will take you off guard.

Don’t fess up to something you didn’t do, e.g. “Of course you didn’t do it on purpose, but you did paraphrase, didn’t you?” or “If you accept accountability, we won’t expel you.”

For now, survive. The other stuff comes later.

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