Ketamine has 'truly remarkable' effect on depression and is effective in elderly patients, scientists say

Fuck man all the comments in here are so misguided everyone is saying it's great that it works. Well no fuck it works and it's because you are essentially drugging yourself. The euphoria you receive from drugs is way too understated, people just look at the science and forget the psychological impact it can have. Just look at weed, so many misconceptions about its ability to become addicting. Mentally Disturbed/Ill/sick/etc people are the mot susceptible to addiction and it's sometimes not physical but psychological. There are people who want to smoke weed for days on because the euphoria eases the pain of your life but that's just trying to mask what you are trying to get away from. You are essentially hiding from your pain through euphoria.

There are so many people who think they know themselves but none of us fully understand our own brain and actions. Jesus I know people who are depressed and don't recognize it and just say "oh it's just who I am" no you idiot there is always something wrong with us we don't see. I'm ill and I started to slowly learn my flaws but I don't understand them and there is so many more I don't even see.

Jesus fuck stop this drug science and keep advancing tech and try to pin point the issue. Stop halting progress concervatives and religion let us experiment on the brain even if is unethical in your eyes.

I'm not against drugs at all but using euphoric drugs to cure mental illness is the dumbest shit the human race has done. Look at opiates methaphetamines, etc.

I'm not even straight edge and have done my fair amount of experimentation but I'm not going to fucking be stupid blindside myself to the truth. People are going to say "oh but it has helped me" explain in detail how and why. Most people I know only improve in mood which is the goal, but actually making effort in moving forward is not there. You are fixing one thing while creating many other problems.

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