Kirby says well done

One time (3 years ago) I was at a restaurant with a large group of friends and one of our friends who was late finally showed up. I hadn’t seen this person for probably a year. I remembered seeing him post on Facebook about his wife being 7 months pregnant with his son recently. What I didn’t see was the post he made 2 months after that which said his son died in childbirth. so as soon as he sat down I asked enthusiastically “How’s the kid!” He stared at me and asked if I was serious and I said “...yes.” And he announced to the whole table which was now silent “He DIED” and then started quietly weeping. The whole table was extremely uncomfortable. I was also uncomfortable. I just put my head down and didn’t look up and eventually he patted my hand and said it’s okay man you didn’t know. Nothing has ever embarrassed me after that.

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