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Weird Al...

Has been nominated 16 times for a Grammy

Has won 5 of them

Has had a top 40 Billboard hit at least once a decade for 4 decades

Has sold over 14 million albums

Has had 4 Gold records

Has had 6 Platinum records

Is a multi-instrumentalist and singer

Is a musical composer and arranger

Is a movie director

Is a movie writer

Is a movie actor

Is a voice actor

Is a television actor

Is a published author

His book reached #4 on the New York Times Bestseller list

Has been an editor for Mad Magazine

Has been touring regularly since 1979

Is universally lauded by some of the most influential and respected names in music.

If any other artist had these credentials, they would already be in the HoF. Instead, the HoF refuses to even put him on the official ballot each year even though he's been eligible for almost two decades.

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