Knock Knock...

If the vaccine worked like it was supposed to, then all the vaccinated people are safe from getting the virus

Have you ever been prescribed antibiotics for an infection, and noticed that the directions say you have to take them all, rather than just until you don't feel sick? The reason for that is that antibiotic-resistant bacteria can arise in you if you only kill some of it, and then you're in bigger trouble, because then those antibiotics won't help you anymore.

Something similar happens with vaccines when too few people get them. Contrary to your claim, they aren't supposed to 100% prevent you from catching or spreading the virus. They just give you a boost that makes it less likely. A critical amount of the population has to get vaccinated or else the virus will keep spreading and mutating until the original vaccines are basically worthless.

Comprehensive vaccination is the only way to wipe out a virus, just as we did with smallpox and polio. This isn't some new government conspiracy to torture you with a needle.

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