Korean Air ex-executive Cho Hyun-ah arrested - earlier she ordered a plane to turn back on the runway in New York after nuts were served in a bag, not on a plate

Your idea of justice is pretty tame, I must say.

Not sure what justice you expect that wouldn't be tame. After all, her crime consists of throwing a temper tantrum which caused the pilot to return to the terminal and offload the steward. Probably not the pilot's fault, he was just worried about not offending this woman since she happens to be the CEO's daughter.

Sure, that's a crime in the sense of breaking airline regulations, but it's not like she pointed a gun at anyone or threatened to blow up the plane. It caused the flight to be 11 minutes late. Plenty of people around the world have done stupid stuff without intent to harm the airline, that has caused similar delays. Hell, aircraft have been delayed because some passenger felt uncomfortable that the guy in the next seat was talking to his buddy in Arabic and that was "threatening". Nobody went to jail.

Usually stuff like this results in a fine or probation. It didn't even cause that in the past, usually it just resulted in turning out the offending passenger, but these days with the TSA and everyone's panties in a bunch over the threat of terrorism, people react more strongly.

The airline has already been fined. One executive has been fired. The guy she offloaded has been reinstated. She has lost her own job. Now she's been arrested (though not convicted of anything yet) because Korean law allows people to be arrested pending a conviction.

I understand that a lot of people are boiling with righteous fury over "how dare this rich bitch think she can get away with shit like this", but in the scale of things, this wasn't exactly murder or violence. It was just a spoiled President's daughter over-reaching her authority.

What the fuck needs to happen to her before the justice warriors get their fill of justice porn? How many years of jail time should she get exactly to atone for her stupidity?

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