Ladies, what is the most obvious hint you've dropped that went unnoticed by a guy?

Dude here. Missed quite a few of these in my day.

Girl 1: "Don't you know if I wanted a boyfriend I'd go to you first?" Stopped talking to her for a few months. She invited me to a Rangers game a few months later. I turned her down. She was really sweet and gorgeous.

Girl #2: Had been dating her first boyfriend for like five years. Used to complain to me about how he would never have sex with her and would even turn down blowjobs. She said she hated it because she loved giving them. She would invite me over to hang out with her friends but somehow they "already left" and it was just us. I never made a move on her.

Girl #3: I was INSANE over this girl, and she told me she didn't want a boyfriend but was very attracted to me. Essentially she wanted to be friends with benefits. She tells me one day that we should go out on a date and spend the whole day together. We did, had a great time, and that evening she walks up to me, grabs me by the belt loops, and kisses me really good. I told her it was time for her to go home. She took it as rejection and treated me like shit after that. I don't think she understood that I was crazy over her and sleeping with her but not being exclusive would be difficult for me. Sucked too because she was one of the most attractive girls I've ever seen.

Girl #4: Girl #3's best friend. Quickly became my best friend after seeing how girl #3 treated me. Cool, down to Earth, sexy as fuck, baseball fan, basically my dream girl. One day she told me, "You know, I think I'm falling for you." I laughed it off and changed the subject. What the fuck. I don't know. She's married now though to an awesome dude. Pretty much her dream guy.

Why didn't I seal the deal with any of these girls? I worked with them. All of them. At the same time.

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