Landlord is making my dog live outside.

I request you find me a comment where someone says it is okay to crate a dog for 8+ hours regularly with no respite.

Search my history; you'll need to go back to the summer time or earlier. It was a thread where I was asking several people similar questions; one of the people I was interacting with was /u/sarah201. Another poster was telling me that leaving dogs ~8 hours was considered "normal" and the people s/he knew did it also.


I'm sorry, that was a proofing mistake. Sweden is the country with crate laws; I dislike referring to a region as a country and vice-versa so it irks me to have left the wrong word in. Scandinavia generally has different attitudes to keeping dogs than the states; neutering policy in Norway is another example.

Training a dog is the same, because DOGS are largely the same.

I disagree. Training the two dogs I have is different, because their natures are different. I do use similar methods but they have different results and timing. My training techniques and practices are very different to most of the people around me, though in some aspects we do overlap. Some people use shock collars - others consider this barbaric. Some people use a prong for nice walking manners, others use different tools or techniques. Some people raise their voice, others don't. Of course there are different ways of training!

I still want you to answer whether you think because the OP lives in Philippines that teaching a dog how to piss outside of the house changes whether you live there or Stockholm.

Well, the person in the Philippines can choose to use a crate for toilet-training and the person in Stockholm can't. Crate training is not necessary for toilet training (there are other ways) though personally I find it useful as it serves various functions.

But if someone is a dick they aren't going to give a fuck what you say so you may as well wallop them over the head with harsh realities, like don't get a dog, or do this or you are being a shitty owner.

This is illogical as well as heavily judgemental. I note you have not offered OP any productive advice in this thread. I provided OP with several suggestions and ideas and was polite about it... and guess what? OP replied thanking me.

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