Leader of the Free World Angela Merkel: "We can't rely on the US anymore. I have experienced this in the last days. We Europeans should take destiny in our own hands."

Hey pretend i'm you... fucking hypocrite.

"Your line of attack: change the subject to something unrelated, and insult me."

"Good job. You really are just a conspiracy mongering nutball. If you had one ounce of critical thinking, your opinions would be 10x as sophisticated. But you don't even have that."

"No sources to back your preposterous claims. Just nonsense rhetoric. Assumptions that I'm against intervention as a matter of principle (unfounded assumption), three letter agencies aren't engaged in surveillance (I assume that's what you're talking about), and that a terrorist attack won't happen under the current administration (once again, unfounded)."

"Just put you aluminum foil hat back on and retire to your survival bunker. Leave the normal people alone to have normal conversations."

"There's no comparison between this presidency and previous presidents. Trump makes me yearn for the days of Bush"

"I like turtles."

Congratulations; you make even less sense than me. You insecure; fat; stupid; sjw.

Yes I called you names; might as well.

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