Leaked documents show 16-years-old children work gruelling and overnight to produce components for Amazon's Alexa in China


Again, towns cannot explicitly deny a specific business because they don't like them. That's been my point the entire time, and that is not incorrect. Towns can make ordinances restricting types of businesses by targeting certain size stores and such.

My original statement is true, and the things you've posted are not contrary to it.

I'm not "unwilling to learn", you're making my original statement something it's not and arguing against whatever contorted version you've come up with.

So again - a town cannot say 'no' to a specific business trying to open in their town. That is factual. Yes, they can pass ordinances that would make it unrealistic to open there. Yes, they can try and Ted tape it. But no, a town cannot say "No, we don't want Wal-Mart here" as a reason to deny Wal-Mart opening a store. Thus why what you're talking about is targeting a KIND of retailer, not a specific one.

I don't know why you're getting so heated and defensive. It's a perfectly civil discussion, take a breath.

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