lets have a debate

All types of racism can, and sometimes do exist, white, black, Asian, Pacific islander. It really doesn't matter if its "institutionalized" racism or not as this is one of the most common arguments made by people who suggest racism doesn't exist for white people. Try telling that same thing to the white Zimbabwe farmers who had their land taken away because they were white and their ancestors took the land (wrongly but that was the time period) a few centuries ago. Or the concentration camps in china that force religious and ethnic minorities into becoming hands chinese or dying.

My problem with America is that everyone acts like the racism is like it was a few decades ago so now everyone is in an echo chamber of anti racism (specifically towards minorities) and when there is the isolated case of an actual racist everyone goes tits up and points to that as a reason why America still suffers from extreme racism. So then everyone is so anti minority racist that they become slightly racist towards white people. An example of this would be the black only dorms that have been popping up in colleges or the CHAZ black only zones and crops only for specific minorities.

TLDR: Americans are so non racist that they sometimes segregate white people and occasionally hurt them

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