A line from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer has me intrigued.

Nice shit post! Lol, I would imagine, though, that they were all paid a pretty hefty salary in the form of an annuity grant from S.H.I.E.L.D., but- since the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D. and its subsequent resurrection- they're prolly getting stiffed right now. I assume their 'salaries' were pretty staggering, though, as to allow them all to ride out the wave 'til things get settled down again over there.

They all have very ostentatious standards, though, as seen by their respective cars and home décor, etc. except for Hawkeye- in fact, I believe that's the real reason why Thor noped outta his spread there in Avengers II. Everyone else was suitably impressed by Hawkeye's down-to-earth, farm & family ethos, but not the ruler of Asgard-

Captain America, looking around at the rolling hillside and the turn of the century farmhouse: "It's so bucolic, so peaceful and quaint... I love it."

Thor: " 'Quaint?' In Asgard, we have a word for that- 'shithole.' Peace out, Girl Scouts," he says, twirling his hammer and shooting upwards in the air, already miles away...

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