MISSING from Otisville Michigan! Please fellow Imgurians, this is my husband, its been over 5 days!

I AM NOT OP BUT THIS IS A QUOTE FROM OP (The wife): **Today 1/2/15 we are meeting at the United Methodist Church in Otisville Michigan to form another search party! If you are willing to come and search pleas dress warmly! Thank you all! We will also be meeting there Friday the 2nd!I was at work when he went missing and nobody has heard from him since that night!Yes, we have contacted the State Police, they are doing all they can. Michigan State Police Report # 35-14342-14....BOL***: Ken Gruno was last seen at an the Otisville, MI hotel bar around 1:00am. Saturday morning, December 27, 2014 he left the bar unannounced on foot. Ken can be described as five feet and eleven inches tall weighing in at 175 lbs. and has blue eyes, shaggy dirty blond hair with large sideburns. Ken was last seen with blue jeans, grey flannel shirt with a vest with a colorful bowtie and slip on work boots. No one has heard from Ken. If you know anything or have seen anything, please contact the Michigan State Police at 810-732-1111, Flint post. or the Genesee County Sheriff at 810-257-3407.Yes, we have tried tracking his cell phone, its dead, they cant do anything, we have the last call and text and those were from before he went missing and to me and his friend we was at the bar from.Yes, we have checked Jails and hospitals! He is in LEIN and if he gets picked up at all the MSP will be notified, and the MSP are checking hospitals regularly and so are we!Yes, we contacted the bank to see about card activity, he left his debit at the bank, had a tab going, credit has no use.We have put up posters from Vassar to Davison and from Clio to Columbiaville and Lapper. We have a huge area covered with them! Its also all over FB.People looking to help, all we can do at this point is drive around or walk around the Otisville and surrounding areas, there are lots of wooded areas up here. It never hurts to have more eyes and ears out looking.Please if anyone sees anything or hears anything please help! I just want him safe!

Springcode: Please help search for him and see if you can help find him guys. Best wishes.

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