i’m almost certain i have depression. i am going to the doctor tomorrow to see if i have it and if i do, to get some antidepressants. what should i expect?

A psychiatrist isn't a psychologist. They're basically just going to ask questions to determine if you have depression. It's usually no longer than a 30 minute appointment.

Tell them as much as you can about how you feel, and why you think you feel that way, so they can help choose the right antidepressant.

Then you take it for one month, and you'll know if it helps or not. If it doesn't help, then you'll stop taking it, and they'll try to see if there is a different antidepressant that might work.

Usually the biggest problem that people with depression run into, is finding a medicine that works for them. But that's rare, because in the vast majority of cases, Zoloft or Celexa works fine, they feel better after a month, and after a few months their life has done a complete 360. Then, they worry about getting off the antidepressants, because they're concerned that they'll become depressed again. But you can't take them forever, and most people find that they just needed a jump-start to get their life back on track.

There's no need for you to be "less nervous". Psychiatrists almost exclusively work with nervous people, and antidepressants also help with social anxiety and generalized anxiety. So, it's good news for you.

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