Made French fries , how does it look?

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family home after FBI arrives on property
TWO Choices to lift yourself out of Poverty/No more kissing ass!!!
MINE CASH2 OR BUY CASH2, BUY First Mine later. BUY 5,000 or More
. ALL DETAILS ABOUT CASH2 Are Here, Note cash2 Logo look
like an F35B about to take off!!!
6M Circulating supply, 15Max supply. Up price will slow down
new coins emissions, will make it harder to mine just like Bit coin increasing the
price sharply
How to buy CASH2 Coin. Spoon-fed to Brand new crypto People.
Coin base will be used in this example because of easy of buy, ease of withdrawal.
Create a coin base account. Click buys Bit coin use PayPal or wire transfer or
ATM Method. Bank transfer will take 10Days for your bit coin to clear. Wire transfer
will be deposited as USD ….
Create an account here This
is an exchange where you can buy over 200 coins with BIT-Coin. If coin base
adds CASH2, Then, you will not need an external exchange; by then the price
will be 100,000/Cash2.  The hardest part
is Bringing in your bit coin out of coin base to this exchange, trust will
deter many. Is this a scam everything comes into play. LOG ON! Click Wallet,
right upper side corner, in wallet, uncheck hide zero balance, search for BTC careful
do not select BCH, and Select it to get here…
The plan is to bring your bit coin here. Clicks get a new bit coin address. This
address is for deposit only. Copy this address, go to coin base, click send
,copy this address at send by email, phone or address section, send all ,ok. Your
bit coin will arrive in 2Min, butt, your bit coin will be held for 5min to
50min by southX security for your own benefit. When BTC is available, LET’S BUY
You have two choices. Click quickly exchange all BTC For (search
for CASH2) IF lucky, SouthX will buy you at good price or slightly higher,
worst case scenario 70% above market price. This method is for non bidder, buy
and go!!  Regulars Method is for PROS you
bid, can take hours days or weeks to get an offer. Not recommend for new
cryptos buyers… Go back to wallets, Locate cash2; you should now see the amount
of coins you just bought. It’s that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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