I made a video about when/why I go this unique meepo build, includes some meepo tips & more.

My internet is shit so I can't watch the video, but I can guess what is going on from the comments.

Your build ideas are funny but not better than the standard builds in any way.

Early double wraith band or bracer are standard for meepo since the DL nerf.

Pipe is trash, never get pipe.

Crimson is trash, never build crimson.

Vs WW you just want to avoid fights, wait until he uses ulti or is picked off, or you get the aegis. You can try to run around the back of a fight and pick off WW yourself

Shadow blade is legit, but costs more than blink, isn't instant and is countered by detection. Good for scouting looking for kills though, also builds into silver edge (good vs Sven (damage reduction), shaker (passive removal), etc)

Saw someone suggesting stacking armour... which I assume means building AC ... AC is worse than EB in every way, never buy AC except MAYBE against ET.

Heart is trash in 99% of games, and arguably not worth it in the other 1% of games.

Bloodthorn is great vs an aghs tinker.

Manta is the ultimate meepo item. More meepos, more geostrike stacks, more spell baiting, more confusion, more safe splitpush

Axe is not really a meepo counter, he is slightly annoying once he gets blink but that's about it. Get a single item on meepo past blink and axe will kill himself from the massive DPS if he tries to blink-call you.

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