Males INFP and masculinity

I started taking Brazilian Jiu-Jistu a year ago, it was really hard at first as there was a lot of big masculine guys and I am a middle aged chubby nerdy guy. However, the teachers were amazing and patient and although I am not good at it, every once in a while a new macho guy walks in who uses all his strength against me, there is a power in remaining calm and being smart with movement and submitting or at least holding my own against these types of guys. For me it has helped my confidence quite a bit, is good exercise and is actually a lot of fun as long as you have the right instructors. Cool thing is there are a lot of women in the sport now, I get my butt kicked all the time by a 50 year old woman who is half my size, being INFPs it is not a hit to our ego as our training mates are also our friends.

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