Many people secretly want a post-apocalyptic world and society breaking down, because Hollywood portrays it as an adventure. In reality it'll be horrible as fuck.

It’s one thing to do it voluntarily, though, and a whole other thing to do it because there is legit no food around...or, more realistically, because one of the bigger mean dudes in your area just took your food from you, just because, and you need to put up with it, because he reluctantly protects you from other bigger dudes mean from other neighboring areas who would just kill you for fun, while looting your area.

This is more or less the reality of life when society starts to break down. Very recent real world example of this: Russia throughout the 90’s, as well as most of the former USSR. In the span of five years, this group of countries went from being a world power to essentially cave people with modern-ish technology to go about doing cave people things.

Source: my family fled said cave people expo.

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