Maxima iacv motor driver

Customer: I smell coolant under the hood. Can you look at it? Me later: Hey, you should get that coolant leak fixed at the T/B before Bad Things Happen. I can have it done this afternoon. Customer: No way, you guys are ripping me off. It doesn't even overheat! I'm not paying a hundred bucks for that crap.

Customer a few months later: It doesn't wanna idle. Me again: Hey, you should really get that T/B, IACV & pigtail replaced since you never fixed the coolant leak I told you about last time. I can have it ready tomorrow afternoon. Customer: No way, you guys are ripping me off. I don't need it to idle anyway if it's gonna cost a couple hundred bucks to fix it.

Customer: Yeah, I had it towed in, this POS won't even start. Nissan makes such shitty cars. Me later: Okay, we're gonna need to replace the t/b, the bypass hoses, IACV, repair the EGI harness, install a new pigtail, replace the ECM, reprogram your keys and you'll be back on the road by the end of the week. Customer: Screw you guys, you're just ripping me off, I'm gonna tow it to the shop up the road, they have REAL mechanics. The guy told me he just needs to add some more smoke to the computer since it's probably running real low on smoke cause it's so old and I didn't ever do the smoke flush...

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