McGregor taunts Aldo with championship belt

It's not your comment of "Don't be mad" that gave me any indication you were. That, as I stated (I gather that reading comprehension isn't a strength of yours), is an indication of your inability to formulate a proper response. Your resorting to comments like "Don't be mad" is very much a tell that you are angry. As is the general tone of your responses overall. It's not difficult for one to gather that you are clearly emotional, and responding emotionally. You need not deny it, I'm not judging you for showing emotion, I'm just judging you based on your lack of intelligence, and the fact that you have the charisma of a dead moose. But I'm willing to look past that for the sake of this discussion.

I now realize that your level of understanding is that of a Labrador, or some other such creature that moves about on all fours, and will take that into consideration in our further discourse. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you had a comparable level of intelligence with someone only slightly retarded, such as a Forrest Gump, but it appears that I have put too much faith into you. Fetal alcohol syndrome is truly a devastating impairment.

Perhaps Diaz was scared. Perhaps he wasn't. I know not, although I would imagine that he does get scared when stepping into the cage, it's not something to be ashamed of. It matters not in discussing the issue of Chael's schtick being entertaining, and Connor's displays pandering to the lowest form of human, such as yourself. If you find it entertaining, then that's great, kudos to you sir!

Speaking of spelling things out, my friend, upon reviewing our previous correspondence in search of exactly what my little lackwit was referring to, I came across many spelling and grammatical errors. One of the many that stuck out was "suttle", the proper spelling is "subtle", the "b" is silent, you see? Now you can impress all the other kids on the shortbus with that tidbit of knowledge.

Tl;dr: Your mother drank to much during the term of your pregnancy.

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