CMV I don't believe in God anymore, but I would like to....

This comment resonated me because I was in a similar place several years ago. I wasn't necessarily a proclaimed atheist, but I hadn't been in church in almost two decades, I primarily sought to understand the world through science, and I was comfortably in a social environment where almost nobody ever talked about God or religion.

In the past four years, I was invited to a church, I decided to get baptized, and I am now a regular Sunday attendee and a relatively active volunteer in my church. For me, there were a few critical factors:

  • I grew out of a more selfish phase of my life, and I no longer wanted to spend my time going out drinking/partying, trying to get women in bed, or trying to make as much money as possible. Maybe I was bored with it, or maybe I just wasn't feeling fulfilled with life anymore. I was looking for a change in lifestyle, and I found it among Christians.
  • After finding a pretty liberal church and doing some reading ( The Reason for God; Mere Christianity ), I became comfortable that believing in God was not mutually exclusive with science. There are solid theological reasons to believe that the accounts in Genesis are allegorical, and there is scientific evidence that points to a Creator with a special relationship with human beings (the Big Bang and the observable order in the universe).
  • Through further reading and research, I became comfortable with the evidence for a historical Jesus who taught what is written in the Gospels. I found that the theological arguments made by Paul, St. Augustine, Martin Luther, and others were compelling interpretations of Jesus's life and words, and I decided that I was willing to apply the core of those teachings to my own life.
  • I realized that even if I wasn't 100% sure about Jesus, there were plenty of things in life that I wasn't sure about, but relied upon anyways. Just to cross the street, I have to have some faith that the traffic signal is working correctly, that the drivers will stop at red lights, that a giant pothole won't open up in front of me, and that my legs will carry me forward. But now that I am married, I think the strongest analogy to faith in Christ is in personal relationships: I can't rationally put 100% trust in my wife because she is human, she can make mistakes, and personal experience tells me that I have been let down by others before. But our marriage only truly functions I trust her 100%, so that's what I choose to do. 100% certainty in anything is scientifically impossible, but living life with 100% commitment to my family, friends, and faith has been the best way I have found to live my life.

That is my journey (so far), and I hope that you find what you are looking for as you set out on yours.

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