Me [30F] with my husband [34 M] 8 yrs, need perspective - seems like my husband has suddenly shut me out, and he stood me up last night

Everyone's laying into your husband which I don't think is fair, or helpful. You said until recently you've been best friends and you've had a good relationship. Your routine in terms of work, household chores, raising the kids etc is something the two of you settled on together and it isn't fair that people are suddenly dissing your husband now. However, I do think he's treating you very badly. And it seems to me something has changed significantly between you. My advice would be to talk to your husband, very honestly, express your thoughts and fears to him, and ask him to do the same. Ask him what has changed. Why doesn't he want you around? Is he having an affair? Does he want your marriage to work? When all of these things have been talked through, you can both decide whether to proceed with your marriage, and how to fix it. I think moving forward, your husband needs to take a lot more responsibility with your children and your home, allowing the two of you to spend quality time together. How is your relationship with his mother? Could you speak with her about this? Where have you moved from/to? If you don't mind me asking. Best of luck, you deserve much better.

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