EA does not just have Bioware. like I said, if it's for Bioware I do not want to. Bioware must be closed. As said the current company with greater capacity is the CD Red Projects.

"They are paralyzed by a number of factors: the loss of key personnel in subsequent years, the poor performance of the Hymn / critical failure, and poor reception against Andromeda." Well will they solve this or close if they then resolve why not the remake of Mass Effect? bad resident worked.

a good company hears the feedback from consumers. Problems in the source code, nothing that can not be solved. The problem is that no one trusts EA and Biowere. But we assume that EA gives a crazy and delivers the IP to Projekt CD this would not be the most anticipated game? would not sell millions?

but as I made it clear is "IMAGINATION" just a dream.

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