Men shouldn’t be criticized for preferring a “natural” look on women.

Everyone wants to look as best as they can. No one gets up for school or work and decides to leave the house looking as awful as they possibly can. Women wear makeup because "they believe" they look better with it than without it. If they believed they look better without it (like myself), then they would not put it on. The key phrase is "if they believed"). It's very hard to win an argument against a person who has been indoctrinated whether the argument pertains to religion or standards of beauty. The fact is that women have seen and been indoctrinated with industry-set standards of beauty in everything from magazines, to billboards, to television shows, to commercials, and to their mothers making themselves up every morning for work and all of this from a very very young age of about 2 years old. Whether they want to believe it or not, all of this has absolutely contributed to what they believe is their best look. A man will never get a woman to believe she looks better without makeup simply because he believes it. It will require that woman to literally asked herself why do I believe I look better with makeup and why did I start wearing in the first place? The answer is simple: because you have been played for a fool by a billion dollar industry that can only survive by pushing a standard of beauty that requires one to purchase products to meet that standard. So, the root of the issue is not a woman's motive for putting on makeup, but what she believes to be true. And winning that argument will be like trying to convince an ISIS fighter that Allah is evil.

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