Methamphetamine turned me gay for a night

I recently started smoking some weed again after an extremely long tolerance break, like easily over a years worth of a good tolerance break. I didn't really take this tolerance break for any particular reason, in fact it's kind of just happened accidentally. I have smoked small amounts with a friend and my girlfriend, but I didn't feel the way I normally would when I have a large personal supply for myself to smoke on indefinitely. I recently ended that tolerance break with a stash of AAA medical grade indica, which is essentially the most well grown potent weed I have ever smoked.

OP, your story had me absolutely roaring with laughter at close to 10:00 trying to not laugh so fucking hard because I don't want to wake my gf. I can literally picture you just like being so fucking chill like I can HONESTLY picture your (BEFORE) and (AFTER) mindset. I can literally just picture you being so fucking goddamn chill and just rollin' with it like yeah man just gonna hit it going to da trap mayneeeee, nigga I'm so chill like no worries man, I'm just livin' my life man, just. Then you go in and you're just talking to this guy that you had just met cuz you're trying to be nice and he was all friendly to you and you were like man he's pretty friendly I should kind of branch out some more and socialize with other like minded individuals who I feel in touch with, it's pretty healthy and generally socially acceptable to just hang out with some guys right?

I can fucking just imagine it so well when you said "I pivot myself on the couch into a head-swinging groove while talking about how I feel my ego merge into my id." because I know that when you take a substance, the first time you ever use it, it's a new feeling to you, and the substance just fucking floors you. Don't even TELL me that you were not high as a goddamn fucking chariot in the sky OP... And to anyone else, you're a lying ass fuck if you say that you have never been floored drug that has some real fucking effects like weed, LSD, shrooms, MDMA. There's no goddamn way that you were not absolutely floored and impressionable the first time you experienced a new REAL fucking substance. Happens every time, literally every single drug. Don't tell me about any of this klonopin, xanax, codeine shit unless you're taking like fucking 10mg of xanax. "That loss of ego was more spiritual than psychedelics.", see... Right the fuck here.

There are some serious questions that need serious answers OP. Where was your fucking friend during all of this? Does your friend fucking know that you spent the night having this dude sucking your dick? Speaking of night, how long did all of this last anyways? How much fucking meth were you smoking?

I don't know why you would stick around after a certain point OP. I mean, I know you were high as shit. I mean if the fucking couch covered with dildos didn't weird you out, if guy just casually turning on gay porn like it was absolutely nothing didn't clue you in...You want to know exactly when you should have known that situation was about to happen?

The moment your friend was all like:

"we just need to bring down all of our walls mannnnnnn, like we don't need to let the external world shape our egos bro, I mean we can all love each other and bring down our walls, release our egos which prevent us from really loving each other to our fullest potential man.... We all have this infinite capacity for a blissful deep truly heart-felt connection with other people when we all drop our walls man, when we really lose ourselves and surrender ourselves to the deepest feelings of pleasure and really connect into the here and now with complete high vibratory love man, we can achieve nirvana.... No homo man no homo..."

But you know what? You weren't clued in OP. You didn't leave the situation. You know what OP? This was meant to happen in this iteration of the universe, in this kernel, this cluster of the multitudes of possibilities accessible within the infinite.

You wanted this OP. Deep down within your loins, within your true animal nature OP, you wanted to make that fucking faggot worship your cock. You saw this faggot as an easy opportunity, easy prey for the hunter... Just a dick sucker who knows their place in the world when in your presence. You gave that lowly faggot the supreme privilege of being in your presence. I bet you'll be seeing a lot more of Buster again in some future situations OP. It's ok OP, it's all going to be good tho OP... Nohomotho

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