Is the mindset of having to disclose that you are trans to your romantic partner generated from a transphobic culture/society? Why is a person defined as “trans” at all? Will “cis” one day be viewed as an archaic term? Hypothetical scenarios for thought and discussion.

I agree, loving someone means being able to accept them for who they are, and you should be able to accept their history. But would you be hurt if someone decided not to disclose a part of their history that they feel does not define them?

Let's say someone suffered from untreated dysentery or an intestine anomaly that caused them to have frequent accidents on themselves growing up. This would occasionally cause social embarrassments but otherwise they still tried to enjoy their life as best as they could. They've now gotten treatment for it and no longer have accidents. That being said, they would be horrified or deeply embarrassed if anyone found out that they used to have constant accidents on themselves prior to treatment, so they actively try to hide this past. They otherwise are true and honest about themselves in every other situation, but this one part of their past they hope no one would find out. Would it be wrong of this person to not tell you of their history?

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