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So, many of my local coffee shops haven’t been doing pourovers or Aeropress due to covid. I want to taste what a pourover from a professional tastes like as a point of reference, but it’s been increasingly difficult.

I’ve recently had some americanos that are infuriatingly delicious. So much clarity and intensity of flavor and aroma. I thought that my pourovers were great, but after tasting these americanos, I feel like something may be off. I will use the same beans that I get from the coffee shop that are used in these americanos, but cannot for the life of me get a cup that is nearly as vibrant. They taste intensely like cane sugar, brown sugar, dried fruit, caramel, warm spice... it’s so delicious!! I’ve tried so many different brew methods, I’m using great water, my grinder is a Baratza Forté with great alignment. The only variable that I can think of that may be off is my brew temperature, which only reaches 94 C at my current elevation.

Is it possible to make a pourover that will be comparable in flavor to these americanos? Do americanos just hit different? It’s driving me insane and I feel as if I am chasing a dragon. I use V60 primarily, as well as Aeropress.

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