Anybody got OA from Twitter internship 2023?

To be completely serious and honest, I did actually apply to FAANG but got rejected from all of them. Did either really bad or mediocre on the OA's. I would've liked getting an offer but on the other hand I'm somewhat glad I didn't. I know that's crazy to say but that's just how I actually feel now. I follow this sub since I'm a CS major but at this point, I'm not even sure why. Everyone on here is grinding leet code and talking about FAANG and it's not interesting to me. I've done some leet coding of course but I'm far more interested in working on projects, tutoring, learning new tech, etc. But FAANG doesn't value those things, so I'm not interested in FAANG. I'm not trying to be all like I'm high and mighty and big ego and say I'm above the masses or anything like that for not caring for FAANG, I'm just at a point now where I want to scream at all the people on this sub that there's a thousand other avenues you can take your CS career besides FAANG. So if OP is worried about losing his Twitter internship, well then he needs to apply to different fields in tech. Dev ops, embedded systems, infrastructure, etc. All these things are highly in demand right now from mid-tier companies and start ups.

Sorry for the rambling. Just had to unload that shit onto someone and I thought it might as well be you. :)

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