Monthly Mentoring Thread - May 13, 2018

HEY are there any pretty girls here that would like to do a YouTube channel

I would love a mentor!? Or I could mentor someone who needs life advice or any second opinion... If you want advice on what you can do to look better I’m your girl. I’d actually make a great image consultant lol... I’m not rlly emotionally comforting but I can tell you how to get what you want, and be understanding & relatable... I’m into Enneagram and have been studying it for a while.... And if you have mommy issues or narcissistic parents i can relate and tell you how i dealt with that!.... And If you don’t understand men or wanna talk theoretically about relationships i have lots of experience with them lol...

K I wasn’t planning on doing a bio yet but I suppose that’s what this is

Female, almost 23. Interests: a couple of the performing arts, money, self-care, fitness/exercise, psychology, mental health, clothing,

I’ve never really spent time around other ENTP’s for some reason but my best friend is an ESTP

My personality: calm, excitable, curious, analytical, energetic (physically and mentally), Ambitious, “shallow” but a deep thinker, Open Minded, Not into politics, Not religious, strong willed but not as disciplined as I’d like.... very open with lots of luv to give!,

Needs improvement: time management, public speaking ,

Goals: Own a bunch of shit, Learn a language, Enjoy myself, be comfortable, elevate status in all ways ;), be a great wife and mom one day, be able to mentor people!, Try to make it in my creative field while also pursuing a degree as backup ...or really as a fuck you to everyone who thinks their basic ass degree makes them above people without one Lol like ok I’ll get a brag worthy one for u foolz

Pet peeves: people who talk during movies, Fi people... I’ll add later

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