Most autistic thing you have seen

I was on the bus one day and this normal looking kid gets on outside the mall with a big giftbag. He takes a seat and pulls this box out and opens it up, pulling out a werewolf mask. He puts the mask on and talks to the complete stranger he's sitting next to for a bit until the guy's stop comes. Then he gets a call so he puts the mask away and talks to someone in swedish for a while. After the call he starts talking shit to this leathery-skinned homeless looking dude because he thinks the guy was giving him a dirty look for speaking a different language. So the homeless guy just tells him to shut up and mind his own business, but the kid keeps going and eventually calls him a pedophile. At that point the homeless guy gets up, slaps the kid across the face, knocking his glasses off, and exits the bus. The kid started crying and told the bus driver he wanted to press charges so the bus had to wait for the cops to come and everyone on the bus flips their shit and bullied the kid until he got off the bus so we could all just get going.

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