The Cum Curse; A Brief Scientific Analysis

Can it be replicated?

To establish a causative relation we need to have quantifiable evidence. I suggest a random selection of guests(most likely psychology undergrads looking for a better GPA). Testing their anxiety/depression levels before going on the podcast with Kessler Psychological Distress Scale and retesting it after doing the podcast. That way we can establish a positive correlation. If the effect is strong enough and we have enough study participants we can get a decent p-value (≤ 0.05) which would be strong evidence against the null-hypothesis(that the cumtown curse does not exist).

Further studies could use cognitive science techniques such as electroencephalography to measure stress levels during the podcast. Brain imaging techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging could be used to observe the specific brain areas that are effected by the curse. We could also use a less ethical approach(PET scan) by injecting patients with a radioactive substance and observing the gamma rays emitted from their brains while doing the podcast.

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