The most disappointing aspect of Genshin Impact is having the entire endgame be nothing but single room gauntlet encounters.

Whats your point ? It has to be done for every game, not just Genshin, and lots of developers have done it with a lot of less then 100 million

Then play those games. Genshin will be closer to what you expect if you come back in a few years, you lose nothing by having Genshin exist now in it's current state and be "finished" later compared to them simply releasing it later to begin with. Your logic doesn't even make sense, by releasing it now they make more money so they have more budget so they finish it sooner. It's GOOD for people who want it "finished" to have it out now for other people, it means they get the "finished" game sooner.

So instead of spending money on making the game better, they spent it on advertising ? Make sense, I knew there had to be a reason a 100 million game feels so bare bone and unfinished.

Hilarious that you feel the need to insult the game like that, when it offers more content for free than lots of AAA games charge you $60 to access.

Its not, but they could have finished atleast a few chapters of the story before launch. Instead not even chapter 1 is done. If that doesn't scream unfinished, early access game, then I don't know what does

What are you even complaining about? Have you even played the game? We have all of Chapter 1 and 2/3 of Chapter 2, with the final piece of Chapter 2 coming in 1.1 (aka 10 days). You do know Genshin factually has more voiced story content than highly acclaimed AAA games like BOTW already, right? Not every game has to have 40 hours of cutscenes, people loved BOTW without the story having more than a handful of mainline quests.

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