News coverage featuring miHoYo reveals animation dev working on Dehya

Especially 5 star characters. In my opinion, Hoyoverse can try these kinds of things with 4 star characters like Kuki, but selling a 5 star character with a questionable kit, only to make her somewhat better with another 5 star character is just not ok.

Kokomi, Yelan, Kazuha or Nahida are great on their own for what they do, but teams just make them better.

Dehya's ascension stat is HP, while she doesn't scale with HP. Only her C1 and signature weapon do. She doesn't work with XQ or Yelan, and Xinyan C6 is a better option in mono pyro comps. And these are only a few problems with her kit. So a decent chunk of her basic power is locked behind a constellation and a weapon, and potentially future 5 star characters.

I really hope I'm wrong, since she has one of the best designs in the game, but it's honestly not looking good for her at this point.

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