MRW my husband and I are in a bad spot right now but are about to be with his family all weekend.

I'm just going to vent here:

Our anniversary was a disaster. The food came out both cold and burnt, the service was bad, and it was a date we had been looking forward to for weeks because our schedules have been so busy. We were pretty blindsided because we had been to this restaraunt before and always had wonderful experiences, and although we were both upset my husband just could not let it go. He spent probably 2 hours complaining about it, even trying to hunt down the business owner's contact information to tell them how bad of a time we had (we would have said something at the time but the waitress literally ran from the table without speaking to us and we were kind of in shock at the time).

The service was bad but honestly my husband's complete inability to let it go was so much worse. By the end of his venting and after me listening, venting too, offering suggestions, etc. (and only growing more hurt that our anniversary was being so overshadowed) I finally said "I don't know what to tell you babe" only to have him snap at me. We tried to save the night afterward but it was really clearly a wash and we agreed to do a "do-over" later.

Today I had hoped maybe we could meet up for lunch to kind of clear the air before seeing his family, but it turned out he had already made plans. He offered to split his meal with me but I said that was silly, I would make something at home. Him eating out for lunch has become kind of a weird spot in our relationship because he gets it cheap through work but I can't, which means lots of cold leftovers for me but lots of nice hot lunches for him. I won't lie, I'm jealous. His lunch today sounded blah to me though, so I was okay with no lunch plans together.

I meet up with him later and the first thing he does is goes into a long explanation about how good his lunch was, it turned out to be an entirely different meal than he told me. At this point I'm already in a bad mood, really hungry because I hadn't gotten to eat yet, and just dreading this trip. I was very apparently unhappy with him, which he clearly thinks I'm being completely unreasonable.

I just feel like he's been really selfish the past 24 hours and it's so unlike him, and the last thing I want to do is put on a good face (or sit in the car in awkward silence while we drive across the state). I just want to sit at home with my dog, I want a do-over date, and I don't want to be crammed in a house full of people all weekend only to go do the same thing next weekend.

TL/DR: Stupid relationship drama we usually would have resolved by this evening that I now have to deal with all weekend.

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