My (22f) sister (13f) morbidly obese and I feel like something needs to be done

I'm not saying there's a magic approach, I'm just saying the only science behind weight loss is CICO. If you eat less than 3500 calories than your body burns, you drop a pound. Whatever approach works for you from there is your choice, and if you can manage that goal with intuitive eating then that's excellent, but many people have been using it as an excuse to eat poorly and then they turn around and blame diet culture for their problems.

I'm not projecting on anyone, just pointing out how miserable it is to be heavy as a teenager. If they're comfortable with it, then fine, but many people get depression or anxiety issues that stem from it. Especially at a young age when you want to fit in with your peers and make friends. It sounds like you're the one projecting here by acting like calorie counting is likely going to be a problem for everyone just because of your own personal experience with it. That doesn't reflect the majority of people's experiences that do it without ever having any issues.

Calorie counting isn't a diet or a trend or a plot by the evil nutritionists to make bigger people feel bad about themselves. It's literally just another tool in the box. It's not unlike budgeting. It's not a requirement, but it helps.

Most people aren't even aware of just how many calories are hidden in the foods we eat. Grabbing a coffee with creamer and sugar from the local chain may not seem like a lot of calories, until you search it up and realize it's nearly 400 calories and even worse than a can of soda. Or that the salad dressing used can make it even unhealthier than just eating a burger instead. Even if it's her family tracking things for her without exposing her to the numbers, at least they could use it to make informed decisions about what they're giving her.

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