My [24F] boyfriend [29M] doesn't take finances as serious as I do and I'm not sure what to do about it in the long run.

No problem. Money doesn't necessarily solve a lot of problems, but not having money does create a hell of a lot of problems. He sounds like he is "okay" for now, but I think you and I are of the same mind that having a financial cushion just feels so much safer. Also "equity" is that ephemeral thing that allows you to have the fuck you money to do what you want for your life. Borrowing money to live like how you want is just putting yourself further and further away from where you actually want to be. Seriously, show him that clip. It might change his mind.

At a risk of TMI! I'm 28. My wife and I bought a small 3-bedroom house in 2008 for 143 at a 4.375% interest rate. We put down 20%, and took a 15 year loan for 118. I think we have 27 left on the loan today. We had our first child this year, so when we get our tax return this year, we'll be putting that into the house. Once that's paid off in two or three more years, guess what? No more rent. Then we can look for another house with the equity we have in this one. We could sell this house, or rent it out, and it can generate passive income for us for years to come. Next we work on retirement and a college fund. And maybe a second child.

I'm not saying to brag, because it's not impressive at all. Neither of us makes a good income, and our house is smaller than a lot of apartments. The point is, neither of us could have done this alone. Our slice of the american dream didn't come from having high powered jobs working 100 hr/wk. It came from saving money. It was important in our case that we were on the same page, financially. We probably wouldn't have had a kid if we didn't feel financially sound. My wife is 35 this year, so that could have been a serious problem for our relationship. When we got married, it was important for me that we paid off my wife's student loans as soon as possible so we could start saving for our future together. We did that in our first year. Would you be okay entering into a marriage with someone who had 6k or 10k of debt? If not, make that a condition of getting married.

Alright, I'm definitely rambling now. Again, best of luck, and feel free to pm me if you have an update or need more advice.

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