Is my [25f] friend [26f] being ridiculous with her rules for wedding guests?

We were talking. Like I said in the post, lately all she talks about is the wedding. If I have to listen to it, then at least let me say something back from time to time.

So I didn't complain about the meal. She said "we're not having any optional warm meal, we're only having this and that", to which I said "well, there are plenty of restaurants in the neighbourhood, so I'm sure that won't be a problem. At least not for me and [my boyfriend]." to which she looked at me with horror and said that it's rude to leave.

Same with the dress. She started this one-sided gossip about inappropriate wear and I said "wtf, then what the hell is an appropriate wear then" and when she explained I went "um, but you know that most people won't follow that? And for example, I'm wearing this and that" to which she said "no, it's not appropriate".

She's sharing those things with me with clear intent to inform me about how I should behave. I'm not sending her random photos of different outfits and asking her to okay them.

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