my coworker showed me this email from her old employer and i asked her permission to post it. context: she had just found out that her boyfriend of 4+ years had been cheating on her. she started looking for another job immediately after reading this lmao

Why do people keep assuming these bosses are rational people who only wrote this email because they felt they absolutely had to? They literally said they don’t want her making the cakes sad. At that point, we can stop giving them the benefit of the doubt that they might have had totally normal reasons for sending this. Don’t you think if their issue was her effect on her coworkers they’d have said so? Don’t you think if she was constantly complaining they’d have specified? There’s a reason they used “moping,” complained about her not joking and laughing and then cited her mood’s effect on the cakes. Cuz that’s what they have against her.

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