My F (28) Husband (37) didn’t defend me.

What did he say when you said all of this to him? Because you talked to him about this already right? Like a married couple does? Did he brush it off again and that is why you are here?

Id need to know what your husband said after you guys talked about this before telling you what I think. He definately should have your back so im super keen on why he didn't or what he thought he was accomplishing.

Until then you are basically just here getting validation in being upset, which does nothing for you, your marriage, or your husband, its more or less a useless excercise.

I can tell you this. If you two havent talked about this yet, for a married couple, you don't communicate well at all. Marriage is a team game, and your team mate shit the bed, but if you guys didn't talk about it immediately after then thats a MUCH bigger problem then him fucking up.

Id be mad and dissapointed yet again too if I was the teammate that fucked up and rather then talk to me about it my S.O. went on the internet and talked to complete strangers about our relationship.

Id say you both have now fucked up and should both be dissapointed in each other if you haven't spoken to him. I grew up poor as well so I get the chip on your shoulder and all, but that doesn't excuse being here and not talking to him.

NO ONE HERE is going to actually help you, all you are getting is spoon fed more righteous indignation at your situation which is just going to get you more fired up and make you less likely to be capable of having an adult conversation with your husband.

Also, if you were doing good, you wouldn't be mad and dissapointed YET AGAIN, so you are clearly not at all doing good nor were you.

So id get some counselling as you two clearly have issues and you can't communicate with each other well enough for two grown adults in a marriage.

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