My (F22) Boyfriend (M22) Won't Change. Is there any way to help him?

I was with my ex-boyfriend off and on for almost 4 years. I’m 35. He’s 34. He still lived at home with his mom. No car. Used her car to get to his dead end job making like $13 an hour. Working graveyard. I have two kids from a previous relationship. I receive no child support. I have a nice apartment, car, and my kids are well taken care of. My goal is to become a home owner next year. I finally gave him an ultimatum either to man up or stop wasting my time. And this dude decided he didn’t want a life with me and chose to walk away from me and my children. He would spend weekends at my apartment, I would cook and clean, good sex on the regular, and he chose to walk away. He chose to continue living with his mom because God forbid he makes the effort to become a man. All the red flags were there and I still chose to believe in him only for him to walk away. I wasted my time. So please don’t make the same mistake as me. Don’t waste your time.

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