My (F47) husband (M48) finally wants to try counseling now that our youngest will be leaving for college and I am planning to leave. Should I agree to counseling?

Hey i am gonna say something which is contrary to others ..does he have dome trauma from which he never healed childhood trauma or something like that?...if so counselling could help him get over that and maybe you both could turn a new leaf together in life and maybe today he realises that he loves you..and he realises that you are the only one who is going to stand by him . Many are saying that you should ho for divorce but i say give him this one chance ..later on it is your choice . You will never regret that you did not give him a chance and you will never regret if you choose to move. Verbally abusive people have frustrations and low self esteem issues. They are controlling because they have been at some point abandoned emotionally or physically in past. They love their money because it is their only thing that they can rightfully say is theirs and theirs only. I believe 25 years never changed him does not mean he cannot change is like saying that somebody cannot learn new things at age 45 because he never learnt it during their 20s. Take a leap of faith. This one time but be careful of your own interests ,learn to set boundaries and may god give you love and happiness.

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