"My Gaymer Story" - a friend wrote this in response to an imgur argument. How SJWs ruined a Gaymer group.

They make everything about them, eventually demonizing the whitest and most masculine of us.

This...so much this.

What bugs me about the whole thing too is that I meet so many other gay men who pander to them and support this bullshit. They'll recognize that yeah, it sucks that gay men still get physically attacked just for holding hands with their partners; sure, HIV is a serious problem that affects mostly gay and bisexual men, or that gay men are one of the most targeted demographics for hate crimes, but that's not as important as the lack of women majoring in STEM!

Like...seriously? This is why that article he mentioned in the post (Rose McGowan's gay men are misogynists article) pisses me off so much. So here you have a bunch of privileged upper-middle to upper class women, bitching that gay men aren't doing enough for them. The amount of entitlement is staggering, last I checked, feminism has had a pretty shit record of being homophobic (specifically towards gay men) as well as being horrifically transphobic. Then you have the gall to turn around and say that they owe you something and that men are actually the enemy?

From what I've experienced (sure it's anecdotal, but fuck it I'm going to say it anyway) heterosexual men, by and large, are some of the best friends a gay guy can have. In my experiences, it's the straight girls who try to make you their GBF, want you to be "fabulous"(hate that word now) and sassy, and try to force you into the sidekick role (also, you better be a fun femmy gay, none of those boring, unattractive gay guys who act straight because of their internalized homophobia!). Most straight guys just care if you're a cool person. But so many gay men go along with that because of the narrative (pushed by SJW's) that straight men are bad, scary people who only want to hurt you and that women and other gay men are the only people you can trust.

This is why GSA's, LGBT groups and the like are such a cesspool now, because they got infected with these professional victims who can't handle something not being about them for 10 seconds. It's also why this stupid "Homophobia is really just misogyny!" mindset came from, it's all so that they could make it about them again and how they can co-opt the LGBT rights movement. Curious how none of this started until gay rights got big...hmm interesting how that works.

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